Jaller was the captain of the ta-koro guard on mata nui, & the toa voya of fire. Now he's the toa mahri of fire, along with Hahli, Kongu, Nuparu, Hewkii & Matoro. He was best friends with Takua. His turaga is Vakama. His village's toa was Tahu. Jaller helped Takua find the 7th toa.

Kingdom Hearts III 092

Toa Jaller

Kanohi Komau(Metru nui),Hau(lhikan's, Mata Nui),Calix(Toa)
Species matoran,toa
first appearance Bionicle:Mask of light
colors grey,red,gold,orange
Homeland Metru nui
last appearance Bionicle 5: sea of darkness
japanese voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya 
english voice actor Steve Staley


Jaller's english & japanese voice actors were both the same as Kouji "Koji" Minamoto from Digimon Frontier.

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