Axel is is the nobody of Lea, & number VIII of Organization XIII. Axel was best friends with Roxas & Sai'x (number xiii & vii). They may have been friends as Lea, Isa, & Ventus, which may be why Axel took Roxas under his wing. Axel bears a resemblance to Reno. Many fans thought that Axel was Reno's nobody, but it was later disproven in 358/2 days when Sai'x mentioned Axel's true name, Lea. In birth by sleep, it was fully disproven when an image of Lea was shown. Nick speculates that Reno might be Axel's cousin.

Axel 001
Number VIII
Title the flurry of dancing flames
Element Fire
Original name Lea
Weapon(s) Chakrams(Eternal flames )
Japanese voice actor Keji Fujiwara
English voice actor Quinton Flynn

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